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Our Mission is a Healthy Community

From a small setup to a 150-crore established FMCG unit, M/S Abirami Soap Works LLP has touched new heights. The company offers a range of products, from detergent cake to powder, from bath soap to shampoo, and from detergent to dishwashing liquid.

It is always a dream for an entrepreneur to achieve success with their brand. The man behind the name is Shri Krishna Nadar, who aimed to produce quality at an affordable price. Starting with a single unit at Kodai Road, Dindigul, Tamilnad, it has built an empire of 600 employees over the past three decades. The company believes in customer satisfaction as its main virtue.

The brand is known for its value and originality, serving customers since the 1970s. Following Krishna Nadar's leadership, Mr.K. Dhanapal, his son, inherited control of the business.


In 1994, Mr.K. Dhanapal rebranded the company by changing the business name to 'POWER.' And he did make his father proud as the company expanded and flourished. A brand-new detergent powder was introduced in 1998 and became a huge success. 


With time, the Power Soaps grew into a real power symbol in the Southern parts of India. The main goal was to offer customers a wide range of high-quality skin and home care products at competitive prices.


For a major part of the manufacturing raw supplies, the company has units to cover 80% of the requirements. The other additional materials are imported from Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Singapore.

In the words of Mr.K. Dhanapal, "We have set ourselves strong goals and a stiff target. We aim for Power Soaps to reach beyond the ordinary and penetrate every FMCG segment and touch the magic turnover of 1000 Crores by the end of 2025."


The company adopted new and advanced, fully automated equipment to produce quality products over the past years. To meet the growing demand, it has recently unbolted three more manufacturing units in Chennai, Puducherry, and Karaikal. Another brand-new production facility has been inaugurated in Silvassa, Maharashtra. The company has also slowly ventured into the hair, beauty, and herbal products range.

Modern Building Facade

New and Advanced Infrastructure

Delivering unrivaled quality has always been a priority for Power Soaps, which is supported by an unbridled team of staff members and first-rate facilities. Using cutting-edge tools and technology, the business has been able to provide customers with premium goods at reasonable prices.


Research and Development

Power Soaps believes its knowledge is ever-growing and never enough. Even at its greatest heights, Power Soaps has brought along a research and development team to create unmatched products that deliver true value to the customers. The brand has an ongoing initiative and a full procured center to meet the research and development needs and bring improvised products to the market.

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