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Nature Power's moisturising nature and mild cleansers help skin retain its natural moisture better than ordinary bar soap. Nature Power does not dry out your skin like regular soap. Nature Power Beauty Soap is formulated with gentle cleansers to care for your skin while washing away germs. Suitable for both men and women.

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Smell fresh all day every day

Nature Power Papaya Aura

Fast Delivery

At Powersoaps, we are happy to help clients in the fastest way possible and ensure that you have a pleasurable buying experience.

Customer service 

We often need fast and reliable. We want to make sure that the item you buy from us gets to you as quickly as possible. 


Subscription services take the hassle and time out of having to remember. Instead, customers are guaranteed it every week or month, provide the option to renew or cancel at any time.



“I've been using this since I was a child, and it's always been a good product. I like how the creamy lather and mild scent leave my face feeling clean after I use it. It is very gentle and moisturising, and it leaves the skin feeling very soft after use. Power Glycerin Cool Mint will always be my go-to."
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